Social networking sites are extremely popular, individuals and companies have begun to understand the personal and company marketing potential in developing these sites. Marketing professionals understand that branding and public relations are the tools used to grow a company's revenues.

CompUhelp provides images that can be used as backgrounds for many of these sites and will include content anywhere possible to help brand the site with your or your company's message.

Facebook is an excellent way to stay connected with your customers. In fact, 49% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook first thing in the morning. What a great place to deliver your latest promotions and deals!

Like with web design however, you will want to look your best. We have developed our Facebook design service to give you a one-of-kind and professional designed look. If you have an existing website, we can mirror its appearance on your Facebook page so existing customers will know they are on the right page. This will help develop your brand and grow interest in your Facebook page.

So why not set yourself apart from the thousands of other Facebook business pages and create an inviting, customer-focused page that establishes your businesses presence on the most popular social networking site today?

Twitter has 500 million active users and 174 million tweets per day. People are using Twitter everyday to communicate with loved ones, spread information, and keep up with their favorite celebrities, brands and causes.

For the average small business, Twitter is another excellent way to stay in touch with customers. Our Twitter design service was developed to give your Twitter account page a unique, professional look. We can design it to match the design aesthetic of your current website or work with you to create a whole new branded look.

Design Features:

  • Account setup, if you do not already have a FaceBook or Twitter account
  • Custom graphics
  • Your Photographs and information pertaining to your company's business

So why not set yourself apart from the other Facebook business pages and create an inviting, customer-orientated page that establishes your business presence on the most popular social networking site today?

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