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CompUhelp can provide a professional Web site custom-designed for your business at an affordable price. We design from a marketing perspective, so that your Web site is visually appealing and promotes the quality of your products or services.

CompUhelp can give your existing Web site an updated, professional look that will appeal to your customers. We can also help make your Web site easier to find on the Internet. Contact us for a free estimate!

Yes, we can. Having your very own www.yourbusiness.com domain name allows customers and visitors to locate your Web site. A good domain name gives an idea of the nature of your business, helps make it easier to search for your Web site on the Internet, and is easy to remember.

Certainly! We will build your new Web site, and then ask you or your current registrar to point your domain to our servers or the hosting of your choice. Plus, if you prefer, we can manage your domain for you!

Making your site "search engine friendly" is the first step in your on-line marketing campaign and this is an integral part of the CompUhelp design process. Contact us today for details!

Yes. Customers may send you e-mail, request a call back, or get your postal address and phone numbers from your Web site. Call us for an estimate that's hard to beat!

Yes, CompUhelp can forward messages placed on your Web site to your existing e-mail address. However, to make sure you receive all your e-mail we recommend also using a mailbox account with your Web site domain name. This way, when you write or reply to your customers, they will recognize that your message comes from your Web site address.

Definitely! Making regular updates to your Web site gives it a fresh look that encourages visitors to come back to see what's new. Tell us what you need changed and we'll provide an affordable price quote for your approval.

CompUhelp will send you an invoice for services we provide. We will gladly accept your check payment. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit card. The choice is yours.

Yes. If CompUhelp hosts your Web site, you can track the number of hits and visitor behavior on your Web site, at no extra cost! Optionally, we can also provide a tool to help you track where your visits come from the most, what keywords are used on the search engines to find you and which pages visitors see first. These statistics may help in your planning and future strategy for your business.

CompUhelp may temporarily limit access for periodic maintenance to ensure optimum performance of your Web site, but we try to do this during times of least Web site traffic, typically in the wee hours of the morning. We do our best to provide you with site availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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